A True Protection

We designed UVEA products to accompany your children in their active lives, in even more situations. Our innovative technology is designed for those times when comfort and protection are more important than UV. Designed to offer protection, flexibility, functionality and style in their lives, they can now have more adventures, you can say yes more often :)

The Science Of Protection

We've been innovating UV protection for a decade. We study how the body reacts to different conditions and activities to create technologies that make you more comfortable, more often. Whether you're in the park taking a walk, on the beach or hiking trail, or in the pool, our technologies are designed to be with you whenever you need them, wherever you need them.

And why?

Despite a T-shirt, the skin may appear red. Basically, any fabric offers some protection from UV rays. The denser and darker the fabric, the more protection it offers. But a heavy black poncho is not ideal for summer. Only a dry white cotton shirt, has just a UPF of 10 which can go down to 2 when wet. The UV protection of textiles by moisture, stretching, abrasion and washing is significantly reduced.