Once upon a time...


Windsurfing on the North Sea coast, 7°C in winter and 19°C in summer, deeply anchors the desired lifestyle.

In any season, with the right equipment, it is the foundation of the future UVEA company.

The equipment is essential. No half measures, quality is the key to well-being and performance.

But this is 1980... the dream, Gaastra or Neilpryde equipment.

Manly Australia 1992.

Originally, a year of sun and surfing and some Australian lessons. In the end, a split lip, 6 stitches, an uprooted tooth and repeated sunburns. Small jobs and big problems but images full of head. A way of life that is deeply rooted in one's being and a harmony or even osmosis between the element and oneself.

After a year, the only certainty is the immediate recognition of tourists passing through. On the beaches, they are without any sun protection, while all the locals are protected by a garment, a pair of glasses and a cap. The return to France is perplexing.

2001 arrived. The birth of the first baby, or more precisely the first rose, and this inexorable desire to provide him with the best sun protection. Flashback on the past years and synthesis of the current products: only one observation, there is no really efficient product for the little ones.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, any type of clothing or equipment will be available to you; with a lot of marketing, of course, but offering real intrinsic characteristics for performance in terms of comfort and well-being. But nothing, absolutely nothing, exists for babies.

It is necessary to "take the plunge" and create a specific product that can combine these qualities and a design specific to childcare. Birth of UVEA

Nothing is simple. First of all, the cut must offer a real comfort. But why and for whom. Too expensive, and without apparent need, but yet addresses a clientele that requires special attention. Then, the material and the confection which, always for reasons of cost, are carried out in Asia, but too often to the detriment of the quality, with with the final the same product only the label changes. No, the material should serve the child and bring without question the plus products. The

European choice is essential.

Finally the design, a little too bland for what exists on the market, and which does not exceed the holy rule of pink for girls and blue for boys. A uniformity and a too banal that destroys the spirit of freedom of Beach Wear. I remember a speech by a CEO of a high-end brand who took offense at seeing a different design for layette and the feeling that the memories of our childhood were disappearing.

Do I want to offer my children the same products as everyone else with the same codes? No! I will offer them a product thought and reflected without will of economy and minimalism.

I especially want to thank my three monsters, Candyce, Matisse and Nyls... 

Who through their comments, their feedbacks, have allowed the product to evolve since 2007,

both in terms of well being and design.

I love you ....