Because it's always important to push boundaries, exceed limits, and surpass oneself, Uvea has created the first zipper that reacts to UV rays by changing color.

But how does it work?

The UV index is a scale that measures the intensity of ultraviolet radiation emitted by the Sun and the risk it poses to health (sunburns, cataracts, and skin cancer). The higher the index, the greater the risk. The Zip, just like your skin, receives ultraviolet rays, but it reacts immediately by changing color. Therefore, the more purple the zipper becomes, the stronger the ultraviolet rays are, indicating the need for protection.

But what's the point?

Vacations, sun, sea, in short pure pleasure except when you have to spread sun cream on your children two or three times a day. We can explain to them that it's for their own good, but it's a real ordeal, so why not explain in a playful and immediate way that the sun is dangerous and that's why we have to protect ourselves.

And when there is no sun?

All the more reason to be really careful and redouble your vigilance, the cloudy weather suggests that everything is fine. Here we have a permanent and really effective reminder.

All our products with a closure integrate the sensor :)