A limited and exclusive series, manufactured in restricted quantities and carefully designed by renowned artists.

The purpose of these limited series is to offer products that are both unique and of high quality. The artists involved in creating these products bring their personal touch, vision, and expertise to create unique pieces that stand out from other products. They provide a unique opportunity to acquire exclusive products created by artists. These products represent a perfect combination of art and functionality, offering a unique experience.

*NFC chip that guarantees the uniqueness and ownership of the piece. 

*Online certificate of authenticity.

*Limited number of pieces defined by the artist.


Anthony B

My teacher told me I was too stupid to continue my studies, so I became a designer...


I am not part of the generation that witnessed the emergence of tags and graffiti on the walls of the city; I belong to the generation that came just after, for whom it was normal to see tags and graffiti on dull walls.